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Rad Rabbit Magic is designed for kids who want to have EXTRAORDINARY FUN while making friends, growing in confidence, and having something exciting to look forward to every day.


The variety of techniques and entertainment we provide is the driving force in building character, self-esteem, communication skills, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that lets kids be kids. 


What Makes Rad Rabbit Classes Great?

Simply put, we create extraordinary fun that makes great kids appear! 


Rad Rabbit Magic is the exclusive presenter of the internationally recognized magic

program "Discover Magic."

Each magic class builds character, confidence, and communication skills that will positively

impact your child for the rest of their life.



We focus on magic, fun, and learning.

The magic makes the fun happen, the fun makes the learning easy.

The FUN comes from surprises!

RAD RABBIT kids learn something new in every lesson that they can share right away.

The experience is magical!

Unique games that help them explore their creativity, feel connected to the group, and build friendships.


Learning that sparks FUN!

Bonus content to practice over time, so they can take their Discover Magic experience as far as they want.


How Can Magic Classes Benefit My Child?

Growing up is harder than ever. Kids want to have fun, fit in, and find true friendship. 

  • It’s especially common for kids to feel disconnected and self-conscious today.

  • Screens reduce face-to-face interactions, eye contact, verbal skills, and the ability to            “read the room.”

  • Kids need fun experience and practical tools to become more confident and connected.

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Thanks for joining the RAD RABBIT CREW.

Have a RAD day!

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